During my year abroad I started a scrapbook, and did I manage to keep it up? I'll give you one guess. Ever since I landed back on British soil after my 10-month adventure back in 2014, I've been meaning to get crafty and finally compile a book filled with photos and little mementos of my time in both Russia and Spain, but of course with the stress of final year, I never got around to it - despite buying all of the necessary supplies. Ever since then, a stack of washi tape and metallic pens have sadly accompanied a blank book with me where ever I move, but have remained untouched - until now that is. 

A major problem I was having was with printing photos - it all seemed like a huge kerfuffle having to organise which ones I wanted printed and putting them on a USB to take down to my local Boots, but the other week whilst browsing Bloglovin' I came across a post (I can't remember whose it was, but if you read my blog then thank you!!) which talked about a service called Cheerz and provided a discount code for me to use. Fast forward 10 minutes and I was getting £4 off at the checkout whilst purchasing a pile of prints from my time in Russia which I had exported straight from my Facebook and Instagram accounts. At £0.29 a print (base price) these cute polaroid-style prints are really reasonably prices as well as being customisable - you can change the background colour (mine are a classic white), the photo filter, and add text below as well so they're great for using in scrapbooks! 

If you're still a student, there's a 15% student discount (lucky things!) and not only can you order prints like the ones I've shown above, but they also offer posters, photo strips, and framed prints amongst other products. I will mention that I have not been paid/sponsored to write this post - I just think the service is great - but I would be open to future sponsorship for my next order if you're reading Cheerz! *wink wink*

So, what do you think? If you do fancy making an order then make sure to use the discount code ISOMOU, which will get both of us £4 off our next order!

I x

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