Any girl who has ever had a makeup favourite has had a back up. Let's face it, we all have our own little corners of our rooms or bathrooms where we store extra products - whether they be travel minis for the holiday you've been planning, freebies from a magazine or extras from a beauty box that might come in useful one day, or backups of your favourite lipstick that you keep just in case the company decides to ruin your life and discontinue that shade. As someone who not only does the fair bit of globetrotting, but also has stumbled across beauty favourites from all over the world, I have built up quite the collection of 'extras' that sit neatly in a draw, just waiting for the day when they will be finally called into action.

Half of the products that I have in my draw are essentials like shampoo and conditioner for travelling and extra razor heads, but there are a few that are more treasured than others...

Products worth mentioning:
- A mini Bioderma bottle that I refill for travelling
- A spare of my favourite Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner
- A Travalo or two for fragrance on the go
- Some Listerine Breath Strips that I like to keep in my bag
A spare bottle of the Skin79 Super + BB Cream

Do you have a place where you keep your spare/extra products? What back ups do you always have?

I x

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