After moving to Hong Kong, we realised as December rolled around that we had to buy all new Christmas decorations for our house, and for some reason or other we decided on a theme of purple and gold, a colour palette that has stuck with my family even to this day. Rather than go for the usual red-lip, gold-eye look like a million other bloggers will attempt this season, I decided to go back to my family's traditional love of purple around Christmas time, and came up with this alternative look for you all to try out! It still has rich tones and a touch of glitter, so it definitely won't look out of place, but it's just that little bit different! So, I hope you enjoy the look, and if you have any requests for January's Made Up, let me know! 
1. Prep your face - cleanse, moisturise, apply lip balm and put on your foundation/concealer/powder.
2. Add a baby pink eyeshadow all over your lid.
3. Start adding a slightly darker pink/plum shade to your crease and blend it out with a clean, fluffy brush.
4. Grab an even darker shade and deepen the colour in your outer corner.
5. Pack on some baby pink/lavender pigment in your inner corner - this is Kitchmas from MAC.
6. Line your upper waterline with a black kohl liner, then line your upper lash line with a liquid liner.
7. Do your brows!
8. Add a pinch of cool-toned pink blush to your cheeks.
9. Dust some highligher on the top of your cheekbones..
10. Add a final bit of concealer under your eyes to clean them up.
11. Add a good coat of mascara, and feel free to add some fake lashes if you want (I tried to but they wouldn't cooperate!)
12. Add a nude pink lip gloss and make sure everything's looking good!

Let me know if you like the idea/format of this feature, and if you do, please feel free to leave any requests!

I x

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