I've had this scent for ages; seriously, it must be at least 6 years old and I'm still a huge fan. It isn't really an everyday scent for me anymore like it was when I was in my teens, but it's sweet, fruity notes make this perfect for when you want to jazz things up a bit. It's probably considered to be more of a summer scent, but when have I ever followed the rules? They're more like guidelines in my eyes...

MAC Lipstick in RiRi Woo (LE):
A classic red for the festive season is always a must have, and MAC's RiRi Woo (which is identical to the permanent shade Ruby Woo) ticks all the boxes. It's neither too orange nor too pink, and despite its matte finish, it isn't too drying on the lips but still stays put for a good long while. 

I've never really been a tea or coffee person, except for a good ol' caramel or toffee nut latte (but that's not a great drink to get in the habit of buying every day) so I am forever looking for a suitable alternative to meet my hot beverage needs during the colder months. Enter M&S's Mint and Strawberry teabags - something that definitely sounds a bit posh and unnecessary, but are honestly really yummy. You may feel put off by the idea of fake strawberry flavouring, but the slight strawberry infusion honestly tastes like you've stepped into a strawberry field in mid-summer. Basically, they're yum, so if you're already a fan of mint tea, maybe try picking these bad boys up next time you're in M&S!

Everything I've ever tried from MUFE's Aqua ranges have been sensational, and this is certainly no exception. These are basically twist up stick versions of their amazing Aqua Creams, and are both incredibly long lasting, waterproof, and very easy to reply. I've got a really nice metallic brown shade which works both all over the lid for a sultry eye, or applied directly to the crease to add definition. A big thumbs up from me! 

What are some of your favourite products at the moment?

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