The perfect mascara is so hard to find because both our eyelashes and expectations are individual (huge shocker!) so what gives your lashes such volume that they acquire their own gravitational pull may leave mine looking floppy and extremely underwhelming. Despite this, there have somehow always been clear favourites that stand out from the gazillion offerings on the high street, but this my friends definitely isn't one of them. Enter No7's Lovely Lashes* - a mascara with a delightfully hopeful name but an unfortunately awful reality. 

The first time I applied this, I almost dropped it straight in the bin - that's how bad it was - but the beauty lover in me held onto it in the hope that I could save it, that I could make it into the mascara that actually lived up to its deceitful name. Then it dried out a bit and went from a 1 in my books to a... 4? Still not great but enough of an improvement to give it another go. If this mascara is so bad then why are you talking about it, you may ask. Well, the lacklustre formula (for me, anyway) paired with the brown/black shade of it makes for the perfect *no makeup makeup* look - you know, a step up from clear mascara (which doesn't work on me with my platinum tipped lashes) but not as intense or as dressed-up as a full on black mascara. 

See, I told you! So bad it's good.

* I received this mascara without realising when I voted in the Times Beauty Award 2016!

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